2G and 5G locking system. Child’s play!

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Inspired by nature – the only floor with a mineral core!

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Best underlay for laminate floor!

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Where does the kitchen end and the lounge begin? – Floor profiles

Integration of the existing floor with the new one is a frequent problem with interiors. Moreover, floor-panel manufacturers recommend using additional expansion joints (1–2 cm wide) in rooms longer than 8 m, and such joints need an aesthetic finish. A Continue Reading

Do not lose warranty on your floor: floor manufacturers’ recommendations

The floor must tolerate long years of walking and other impacts. Hence, manufacturers can even grant a 25-year warranty. Each warranty, however, has its limits. So what should be kept in mind in order to ensure the durability of the Continue Reading

Details make the character, or how to choose skirting boards

Details give character, so when you lay a floor you should not forget about a careful finish. Skirting boards may be chosen to go either with the floor colour and reproduce wood structure and pattern, or with other interior elements, Continue Reading

What to remember with underfloor heating

Which floor will be best with an underfloor heating system? We know a lot about this today. The European Producers of Laminate Flooring – EPLF – is constantly researching this problem and identifying the best solutions. The performance of floor Continue Reading

Should you use dedicated underlays for vinyl floors?

Laid as floating floors, vinyl floors must be set on underlays. The floor manufacturer's instructions and recommendations should always be followed. The validity of the guarantee, which may extend over 25 years for vinyl floors, depends on compliance with such Continue Reading

Stable and durable flooring is not just what you see!

Remember that without a good substrate, a good underlay and the panel manufacturer's instructions, even the best and the most expensive laminated panels will not give the desired effects. Good installation and good underlay guarantee the everyday comfort of walking Continue Reading